Conn Connstellation 38B

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Conn Connstellation 38B Bb trompet

Deze trompet heeft serienummer 963809, is gebouwd in 1962. De trompet is vernikkeld en heeft een trigger op het 3e ventiel. De Connstellation is krachtig van toon, mede door zijn grote 5 1/8" beker.


  1. Connstellation 38B is nickel plated with brass trim and has a large 5 1/8" bell. It has a #1 bore (0.438" ich = 0,0111252 meter =11,1252 mm  ), and was produced from 1956 to at least 1979

Coprion leadpipe (seamless). "Late Model" Connstellation. (1958 t/m 1972)

A former Conn employee said, and this appears to be confirmed by the 1960's Conn Product Manual and other reports, that Electro-D is a similar process to Coprion using non-copper metals. The former Conn employee said that an Electro-D bell was a brass bell, electrolytically plated with copper, and then electrolytically plated with nickel. These descriptions seem to match with each other and the evidence.